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Controlling the Architecture of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials

In order to create well-defined hybrid materials composed of nanoscopic inorganic and organic components, the conception of a well-defined interface is an important issue. An appropriate interface greatly facilitates the dispersion of the cores in a liquid carrier or a polymeric matrix. We apply and develop different functionalization protocols for metallic and oxidic surfaces that allow either compatibilization  or even the covalent attachment of organic molecules and polymers. A versatile approach is the creation of a macromolecular brush on the particle surface by surface-initiated polymerization.1-4 Other approaches involve the attachment of functional groups by alkoxysilane chemistry5 that subsequently allow e. g. a grafting-through polymerization. The latter results in polymer networks that are based on nanoparticle crosslinkers.6 Other architectures involve crosslinked core-shell particles and magnetic microgels.

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